Collection: Anneke Art & Becky Lee Interiors

Interior Designer Becky Lee has combined forces with artist Anneke Stewart to deliver a kaleidoscopic collection of vibrant floral artworks in Anneke’s signature photographic Mandala style. The term Mandala is applied to any form that represents cosmic energy in the physical world and reminds the viewer of universal serenity and grace. Becky and Anneke’s collaboration interlaces the talent and inspiration of these two creative forces, honouring the regeneration of post-earthquake Christchurch as well as their individual art practices.

Becky lee: Colour, textiles and interiors have always been Becky’s passion – it’s in her blood. A great aunt in Scotland would paint the house in the middle of the night, to much confusion to her family in the morning and closer to home, her infinitely practical and capable mother who would paint and stencil large spaces, hang wallpaper, upholster furniture, sew curtains, make blinds and cushions, weave baskets and create intricate objects and striking textile art. Home was a place where colour and creativity were abundant and growing up on a forestry nursery called Rakaunui she was surrounded by the beauty and vibrancy of nature, which made its way indoors to decorate the family home. Becky’s own style is inspired by her mother’s, as well as drawing on materials and imagery of nature, with both sources of inspiration featuring strongly in this collection of work.

Becky holds a Diploma in Interior Design.

Anneke Art: Anneke creates finely crafted artworks that honour the earth, using locally sourced material and labour. In producing art Anneke defines and expresses her life-theme of energetic moments in time. This collection draws on Anneke’s fascination with Mandalas and their ability to draw the viewer in, creating an opportunity for contemplation. She has adapted the kaleidoscopic nature of the Mandala in this collection, seeking to provoke a translation of the essence of the given subject matter. Anneke believes art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer and with that in mind, she aims to create artwork that has a positive presence in the world, and in life of the viewer.

Anneke holds a Bachelor of Design, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture and is pursuing her Masters in Fine Art.

The collection: The mandalas feature flowers homegrown or foraged from the Christchurch Red Zone combined with exotic fabrics and inherited vintage hand-painted silks, mixed in an exuberant style. The collection is about remembrance and bringing beauty into a home, inspiring joy with colour and calm through symmetry.

  • The mandala rounds are printed on board and hang flush against the wall.
  • The standard sizes are 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm diameter and are limited editions of 10, 5 and 3 respectively.
  • Custom sizes are available on request.
  • The works are also available as A3 or Square prints – stockist inquiries are welcome.
  • Please email Anneke or Becky if you have any inquiries.  &

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