Electric Blue Round
Electric Blue Round

Electric Blue Round

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Electric Blue Round

A Becky Lee Interiors and Anneke Stewart original collaboration.

The Mandala imagery which prevails Anneke's work is a nod to the healing capabilities of the traditional Buddhist Mandala sand art. Anneke believes art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer so with that in mind she aims to create artwork that has a positive presence. 

There is nothing more beautiful than the humble old fashioned tussy mussy. A handful of lots of small flowers all thrown together effortlessly. This playful vibrant piece contains flowers from Becky’s garden, plus other small treasures foraged in the Red Zone. Dianthus, Gems, Mutabilis, French Lavender, Aquilegia, Lobelia and more... with the sweet Erigaron daisy stealing the show on the perimeter.

All rounds are custom made to order.

Expect a 3 week turnaround..


Available in 3 sizes: 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm diameter.

In limited editions of: 10, 5, and 3 respectively. 

Cost: $799, $1299, and $2599 respectively.