Anneke's objective is to create finely crafted New Zealand made design and art works, making quality items using locally sourced materials and labour. Modern and contemporary art and design that honours the Earth. Anneke creates art, design and objects that people LOVE to have in their lives.


As an artist who incorporates many disciplines into her multi-dimensional art, Anneke Stewart’s art practice is a fluid and evolving entity. In producing painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, Anneke defines and expresses her life-theme of energetic moments in time. This preoccupation with moments in time informs and shapes all her work in spite of the differing mediums, and Anneke relishes the ongoing challenge of seeking the means to visualise and manifest the energy of life. She raises questions about the nature of human programming and energy to work in step with the shapes and rhythms that pervade our existence. With Anneke's aesthetic being derived from theories of Resonance and Universal Energy, she seeks to explain complex concepts and their diverse and sometimes other worldly manifestations, with the help of the wide range of mediums that she prolifically works in. Anneke believes art has the power to influence the energy of the viewer so with that in mind she aims to create artwork that has a positive presence. The Mandala imagery which prevails Anneke's current vein of work is an nod to the healing capabilities of the traditional Buddhist Mandala sand art.
Anneke's work is bright and modern and very much in line with the interior styles of now.

Contemporary abstract artist, designer and photographer
Anneke Stewart is based in Sumner New Zealand.
Stewart has a Bachelor of Design
​and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture

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